Monday, February 25, 2013

Free Lego's Friends Animal's

If you aren't on France, Follow the steps below -
If you are on France, Follow the steps just skip the proxy using -
1)Go to any French web proxy like -  OR OR OR
2)Type/Paste stardoll link on the proxy
3)Click Go button, you will be directed to stardoll page
For hedhedog:
4)Log in and then Copy and Paste club link on proxy's URL: bar
5)You should be joined to a club, if not - refresh/paste the link again and Click Go
For cat:
6)On proxy's URL/Address bar paste this link and Click Go:
You will be redirected to a dress-up
For bunny:
7)Paste this link on the proxy's link on bar and Click Go
You will be redirected to club page
You have to know repeat this, 7th step with 5 other links
8)Paste this link on proxy's bar and Click Go:
9)Then again paste this link on proxy and Click Go
10)And then then again visit this link
11)And then this
12)And then visit this list one
13)Finally you can leave the proxy and Go to stardoll
All items should be in a Lego Friends campaign bag in your suite.

(SORRY iF Confusing)

Thanx.-Alwayscheerfull :D  

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