Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Free Girl:IT Top

First of all, you need to find and copy your user ID:
1. Click HERE and log in to Stardoll
2. Click on the link below

3. Copy the UserID (everyone has a unique one)

4. Write this link into your URL/link bar:
5. Now paste your UserID instead of the '0' in the link
For example, the link should look like this:
6. Hit Enter and wait till page loads
7. A registration form should pop-up. Fill in the blank spaces with fake information (the e-mail should have a valid ending, for example: asd@mail.com)
8. Once you have filled all the fields, click the round purple 'Klicka här' button.
9. A box will pop up. Tick the sentence "Ja..." and click the puple button above it.
10. You can now close the page and go to Stardoll as usual.
The top should be in a Girl:IT bag in your suite. :]

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