Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Free Lil-Lets Bag

If you are from the UK, click HERE.  In the page that opens Fill the Names and E-mail box (You can use fake - email must be in email form ie. something@something.com)and then click "Send" button. Look at the picture below

If you are not from UK,  y
ou'll have to use a web proxy, go to justproxy.co.uk   

Paste in the proxy url bar this:


Log in to your account:

 Now in the proxy url bar paste this:

When the page loads,
Fill the Names and E-mail box (You can use fake -likle photo below)
The email must be wrote in email form ..like  whatever@whatever.com like the photos below

Click "Send" button. When the page loads, close the proxy page and go to Stardoll as usual. The freebies should be in a StarPlaza box in your suite after a while.

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